Ledaig Moscatel Finish 20

This 20 Year Old Distillery Exclusive has been finished in Moscatel Sherry casks, for a beautifully rich and sweet accompaniment to the characteristic smoky notes of our peated Ledaig.

  • Alcohol by volume 53.1% abv
  • Filtration Un-chillfiltered
  • Colour Natural Colour

About the Ledaig 20YO Moscatel Finish

At Tobermory Visitor Centre, we pride ourselves on the unique Single Malts exclusive only to our visitors – whether physically or digitally. Our 20 Year Old Ledaig which is our distillery peated malt, has been matured in whisky re-fill casks before being transferred to exquisite Moscatel Sherry casks for a full 3 years! The result is this delicious rich, peated malt with an abundance of sweet smokiness.

Tasting Notes


Rich caramel gold.


Rich wine notes, hints of fruit and soft caramel toffee, balanced with black pepper and smoke.


Rich sweet oak, sweet grape, fruit and hints of citrus, developing into a rich spicy smokiness.


Long and lingering sweet smokiness.