Tobermory 2002 Madeira Cask Finish

For the first time, our non-peated Tobermory spirit has been finished in Madeira wine casks, creating a sweet and surprisingly spicy Single Malt.

  • Alcohol by volume 55.5% abv
  • Bottle Volume 70cl
  • Colour Natural Colour
  • Filtration Non-chillfiltered

About the 2002 Tobermory Madeira Wine Cask Finish

Starting life in ex whisky casks in 2002, this whisky was transferred to Madeira wine casks to finish for a further two years before our Senior Blender - Dr Kirstie McCallum - decided the time was right to bottle it.

Madeira wine, dating back to the age of exploration when the island was a port of call for ships heading to the New World and the East Indies, is a unique fortified wine which is only produced on Madeira. Stored in casks and allowed to mature in the hot sun, this wine is bursting with sweet fruit, caramel and nutty notes.

The resulting whisky is rich and sweet, with citrus and orange, soft vanilla caramel, hints of exotic spices and a gentle touch of clove.

Tasting Notes


Light russet gold


Rich light and fruity, creamy caramel, fresh berries, subtle grape, vanilla and spice.


Creamy mouth feel with rich sweet Madeira notes, citrus and orange, soft vanilla caramel, with hints of exotic spices and a gentle touch of clove.


Surprisingly spicy, with hints of sweet fruit.