Tobermory 2005 Fino Cask Finish

For the first time in our history, we have taken our Tobermory spirit and finished it in premium Fino Sherry Hogsheads; the driest and palest of the traditional sherry varietals.  The result is a chocolatey, fruity dram with a distinct dry Fino finish.  

  • Alcohol by volume 55.1% abv
  • Bottle Volume 70cl
  • Colour Natural Colour
  • Filtration Non-chillfiltered

About the Tobermory 2005 Fino Cask Finish

After spending ten years maturing in traditional oak whisky casks, we transferred the Tobermory spirit into Fino Sherry Hogsheads for the first time in our history . The dry, delicate flavour profile of the sherry compliments the light fruity character of our Tobermory perfectly, and has created a spicy, chocolate, fruit dram.

Aged for 12 years and limited to 1710 bottles, this is a one of a kind whisky that's truly special.

Tasting Notes


Amber Gold


Orange and citrus notes, toffee, coffee and dark chocolate, with subtle dried fruit


Toffee, espresso and dark chocolate, rich fruit and citrus, balanced with the dry influence of Fino sherry


Dry with hints of dark toffee and dried fruit