Tobermory Port Pipe 14

Matured in superior oak wood casks, this Distillery Exclusive has been finished in Port Pipe casks, for a beautifully rich and sweet Single Malt.

  • Alcohol by volume 58.2% abv
  • Filtration Non-chillfiltered
  • Colour Natural Colour

About the Tobermory Port Pipe

At Tobermory Visitor Centre, we pride ourselves on the unique Single Malts exclusive only to our visitors – whether physically or digitally.

This exquisite 14 Year Old Limited Release has been finished in Port Pipe casks, for a full 5 years! Port Pipe casks are named so, not only for having matured Port but also for their long, narrow shape and our Tobermory Single Malt has married beautifully with the notes from the Port infused wood. At cask strength, the 534 bottles of this Distillery Exclusive, sit at a wopping 57.8% abv.

Tasting Notes


Deep amber gold.


Rounded oak influence, with grape notes, hints of subtle exotic spices, salted toffee, dried fruits and orange blossom.


Rich mouth filling sweetness with oak, soft toffee and vanilla. Hints of liquorice, roasted coffee and subtle spice, citrus, apricot and orange blossom.


Long and lingering with candied fruit and soft spice.